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Harry Smith Anthology Remixed

Date: 4 - 18 April (tbc)
Time: open all day
Venue: Workstation Mezzanine
Entry is free.

The exhibition brings together the work of 84 leading artists and musicians, invited to make a visual artwork in response to one track each from the groundbreaking music release the Anthology of American Folk Music. The Anthology was edited by seminal New York artist, musicologist and experimental filmmaker Harry Smith, and first published by Folkways in 1952.

The Anthology is comprised entirely of recordings issued between 1927 (the year electronic recording made accurate reproduction possible) and 1932 when the Depression stifled folk music sales. Harry Smith used the new LP technology to create an unbroken sequence of songs, divided into three colour coded sets, which represented three elements: air, fire and water.

The Anthology is considered to be one of the most important collections of information in modern society, creating a folk canon and contributing to numerous folk revival movements.


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